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Hi Brow Professional – Transform your Eyebrows

If you’re looking for shaped, tinted and styled eyebrows, then Hi Brow professional treatment is perfect for you. Hi Brow professional treatment shapes, colours and styles your brows, creating symmetrical and defined brows that frame and enhance your features.

The treatment uses Hi Brow innovative shaping wand and Brow Stix measuring tools to map out the shape of the brow. The tools are aligned with your facial features to coordinate the best suited shape for your face, enabling perfectly arched and angled brows.

A combination of waxing, threading and tweezing are used to structure and tidy the brow. Waxing removes unwanted and unruly hair. Threading blends in harsh ends to create a clean and groomed look; tweezers are used to sculpture the eyebrow shape, plucking small hairs that weren’t previously removed.

Tint is applied to the brow, balancing the colour to create an even contrast throughout the brow. Brow powder styles and defines the brow, while highlighter camouflages the redness around the eye.

You can achieve salon styled brows at home with our range of Hi Brow retail products. To maintain your brows between salon visits, Hi Brow compact and Brow finishing smoothing wax pencil allows you to style and define your brows- keeping those unruly hairs tamed and waterproof.

Hi Brow professional transforms your eyebrows into perfectly groomed, glossy and utterly gorgeous brows.

Hi Brow Retail Stand – Large Stock Quantity

1 x Display Stand; 3 x Hi Brow Retail Compact Dark Charcoal; 3 x Hi Brow Retail Compact Soft Dove; 6 x Hi Brow Retail Compact Dark Brown; 6 x Hi Brow Retail Compact Light Brown; 4 x Camouflage; 4 Deluxe Tweezers; 9 x Brow Finish Smoothing Wax Pencil; 4 x Growth & Conditioning Serum; 4 x Professional Wax Pencil Sharpener

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Growth and Conditioning Serum For Brows and Lashes

Easy to use mascara wand ensures accurate application of the product to the lashes and brows. The product’s keratin and caffeine based ingredients will help to enhance and stimulate healthy hair growth. With regular use, brows and lashes will appear more conditioned, smoother and glossier.

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Brow Pen

To aid with brow mapping, and define brows using the patented nib for a fine and professional line.

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Hi Brow Compact

Lightly dust the brow powder over your eyebrows to add definition, then sweep the highlighter across the brow bone to brighten and lift the eye area. The sleek black compact comes fully equipped with three eyebrow stencils and a dual-ended brush.

Available in: Dark Brown, Dark Charcoal, Light Brown, Soft Dove

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Glass Mixing Dish

Small Glass mixing dish with lid used to mix tint in. Easy to clean.

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Orange Wood Sticks (Pack of 25)

Smooth stick with hoof end used to accurately apply wax on the brow area.

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Palette Refill

Refill godet of brow powder for Professional Colour Palette.

Available in: Dark Brown, Dark Charcoal, Highlighter, Light Grey.

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Professional Colour Palette

For Salon use as part of a Hi Brow Professional Brow Treatment.

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Deluxe Professional Tweezers

Professional quality matt silver slanted tweezers allow even the shortest hairs to be removed efficiently. Stainless steel.

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Rose Cleanser and Afterwax Cream

A light gentle cream suitable for the eye and brow area, formulated to remove all traces of product and to soothe reddened areas after waxing and threading.

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Deluxe Profesional Scissors

Professional quality fine point, curved matt silver scissors. Made from stainless steel so that sterilisation can take place without damage.

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Professional Silky Tangerine Thread

Smooth strong thread with silky texture that is ideal for threading.

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Soft Facial Wax

Soft facial wax, with a low melting point. Ideal for use on all facial areas.

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Sponge Applicators (Pack of 25)

Used in conjunction with a Micro Brush to apply the Adhesive Remover and Pre Treatment. Absorbs any excess liquid to prevent seeping into the eye.

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Professional Brow Tint

Intensive colour for brows. Smooth application and perfect colour intensity.

Available in: Dark Brown, Dark Charcoal, Light Brown, Light Grey.

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Brow Tint Developer

Develops Professional Brow Tint efficiently to produce an accurate colour for the brows.

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Brow Waxing Strips

Pre-cut to size, soft brow strips. Will mould to the contours of the face and remove all traces of wax leaving the skin smooth and wax free.

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Smoothing Wax Pencil

Transparent wax eyebrow pencil ideal for taming brows, fixing brow colour ensuring brows stay groomed and colour is waterproof all day long. A water resistant base for Hi Brow colour, easy to sharpen using Hi Brow Professional Wax Pencil Sharpener.

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Professional Wax Pencil Sharpener

A quality crafted tool to instantly and easily keep your Smoothing Wax Pencil sharp and clean.

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Applied after treatment. A light, easy to apply cream concealer used to disguise all traces of redness and even out the skin tone.
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